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This page contains “Blueprint” examples used in From Idea to App: Creating iOS UI Animations and Gestures by Shawn Welch. Copyright © 2011. Blueprints are a unique feature to books in the From Idea to App series.  Designed to walk you through step-by-step, blueprints give you direct access to real world examples for how to implement various features and functionality of iOS.

Introduction and “Hello, World”

This blueprint is a simple “Hello, World!” application for iOS.

Download Part 1 Blueprint,

The Basics

In this blueprint, we created a simple UITabBarController set up with a couple different UIViewControllers on each tab.

Download Part 2 Blueprint,


Custom iOS UI

In this blueprint, we expanded on the ideas of Part 2 by implementing custom UIViewControllers for our tabs.  We also implemented an additional navigation controller in tab 1 (with a detail view controller for navigation) and a UITableViewController for Tab 2, with custom cells

Download Part 3 Blueprint Assets Download Part 3 Blueprint,

Custom Animation

In this blueprint, we continued working on the app from previous examples by implementing a custom UIViewController class called CountdownViewController

Download Part 4 Blueprint Assets Download Part 4 Blueprint,

Custom Gestures

In this blueprint, we finished our example by adding custom gestures to our project

Download Part 5 Blueprint,